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Viceroy Trading & Investments, Inc trades primarily with companies in the food and food equipment industry. We offer whole container loads (FCL) or less than (LCL) of frozen seafood and meats as well as food processing and sanitizing machinery. Our products are sourced worldwide and our customers consist of importers, distributors and food chain restaurants based in the Caribbean, North America and Latin America.

All fresh and frozen products are based on availability and are therefore subject to change. Please contact your Sales & Marketing Specialist for daily pricing info and updates.

In recent times Viceroy has been acquiring Equity into Food Manufacturers in the US, Caribbean and South America. This, not only makes us more competitive, but allows us to provide continuity to our customers.

Viceroy carries a wide range of seafood products including a large assortment of fish (salmon, tuna, snapper, mackerel etc.), lobster, prawns, shrimp, clams, and scallops. We source only the best quality seafood from reputable suppliers globally guaranteeing a fresh, superior product for our customers. Our longstanding relationship with suppliers also means that we are frequently able to source product at very competitive prices and pass this benefit on to our clients.Learn More Viceroy also is a specialist trader of meat products offering a complete assortment of the finest beef, pork, turkey, and lamb cuts from leading suppliers in the US and internationally. For ease of reference, each of the cuts we carry is coded according to the identification system used by Institutional Meat Purchase Specifications (IMPS) and North American Meat Processors (NAMP).Learn More
In addition to fresh commodities, Viceroy offers an impressive selection of value added food products including appetizers, hors d’oeuvres and other specialty food items encompassing tastes from many regions in the world. This range is excellent for food distributors, catering companies and foodservice clients such as hotels and restaurants.Learn More For clients requiring the most modern, technologically advanced food equipment solutions, Viceroy also provides an impressive range of quality sanitation systems which use thermal technology without the use of chemicals as well as a complete line of injectors, vacuum tumblers, and vacuum packaging machines for the food processing industry.Learn More
 ServicesViceroy Viceroy also provides consulting services to clients in the food and food equipment industry. We advise seafood distributors, suppliers and retailers in the U.S. interested in expanding into the Caribbean and Latin America. Specifically, we help our customers to:

  • Understand and navigate the complexities of entering these foreign markets
  • Develop your market entry strategy
  • Minimize the risks and costs involved in the process

We also advise our clients with operations management, export logistics, process compliance solutions, food safety and quality control issues.
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