The items pictured and described wherein represent items most commonly purchased by customers in the food service industry. Buyers should be able to identify their purchase requirements by the item number and product name listed. If you desire something additional or do not see the product you are looking for, please contact your Sales & Marketing Specialist, who’ll be happy to assist you in meeting your requirements.


IMPS/NAMP Code Product Name
114 Beef Chuck, Shoulder Clodt
116A Beef Chuck, Chuck Roll
120 Beef Brisket, Deckle-Off, Boneless
121D Beef Plate, Inside Skirt
193 Beef Flank, Flank Steak
109D Beef Rib, Roast-Ready, Cover Off, Short Cut (Export Style)
112A Beef Rib, Ribeye, Lip -On
1112 Beef Rib, Ribeye Roll Steak, Boneless
1103B Beef Rib, Ribeye Steak, Bone In, Frenched
180 Beef Loin, Strip Loin, Boneless
1180 Beef Loin, Strip Loin Steak, Boneless
1173 Beef Loin, Porterhouse Steak
189A Beef Loin, Tenderloin, Full, Side Muscle On, Defatted
1190A Beef Loin, Tenderloin Steak, Side Muscle Off, Skinned
184D Beef Loin, Top Sirloin, Cap
1185B Beef Loin, Bottom Sirloin, Butt, Ball Tip Steak
169 Beef Round, Top (Inside)
1169 Beef Round, Top (Inside) Round Steak
166B Beef Round, Rump and Shank Partially Off, Handle On
170A Beef Round, Bottom (Gooseneck), Heel Out
135A Beef for Stewing
136 Ground Beef
1100 Beef Cubed Steak


IMPS/NAMP Code Product Name
P2101 & P2201 Whole Tom and Hen Turkeys
P2013 Breast without Ribs
P2033 Thighs
P2035 Drumsticks
P2036 Wings


IMPS/NAMP Code Product Name
406 Pork Shoulder, Boston Butt, Bone In
406A Pork Shoulder, Boston Butt, Boneless
1406 Pork Boston Butt Steaks
407 Pork Shoulder Butt, Cellar Trimmed, Boneless
408 Pork Belly
416 Pork Spareribs
416A Pork Spareribs, St. Louis Style
417 / 417A Pork Shoulder Hocks / Pork Leg (Fresh Ham) Hocks
410 Pork Loin, Bone In
412 Pork Loin, Bone In, Center Cut, 8 Ribs
1412 Pork Loin Chops, Center –Cut
1412B Pork Loin Chops, Center-Cut, Boneless
413A Pork Loin, Boneless Roast
414 Pork Loin, Canadian Back
415 Pork Tenderloin
422 Pork Loin, Back Ribs
402A Pork Leg (Fresh Ham), Skinned, Short Shank
402B Pork Leg (Fresh Ham), Boneless
1495 Coarse Chopped Pork
1400 Pork Steak Cubed


IMPS/NAMP Code Product Name
208 Lamb Shoulder
1207 Lamb Shoulder Chops
204C Lamb Rack, Roast-Ready, Frenched
1204B Lamb Rib Chops
1204D Lamb Rib Chops, Frenched, Special
232 Lamb Loin, Trimmed, Split
1232A Lamb Loin Chops
233E Lamb Leg, Steamship, ¾, Aitch Bone Removed
234 Lamb Leg, Boneless
210 Lamb Foreshank
209A Lamb Ribs, Breast Bones Off
295 Lamb for Stewing