Supply Chain & Trading Specialists

Viceroy coordinates activities along the supply chain to promote greater efficiency and cost savings for our clients. We believe in partnering and developing deep relationships with all elements of the supply chain, from source to market. In all cases, we source directly from the manufacturer and distribute to wholesale distribution and retail clients in the emerging markets we serve.

In this role, we take title to merchandise from suppliers, housing it as inventory at our facilities in Miami. Our inventory management is enhanced through the support of specialized logistics providers, PAS Cargo, where we stock our dry goods inventory and Hellmann Worldwide Logistics where we house all refrigerated and frozen inventory. We are therefore well positioned to respond to our customers’ needs and service them with speed and effectiveness.

Our extensive supplier network also affords us significant agility and flexibility in the supply chain. We are always able to meet customer needs even when product scarcity might be an issue, e.g. for seafood and meat commodities. Viceroy enjoys relationships with multiple high quality suppliers internationally thus limiting product supply risk. This flexibility is also evidenced in our ability to adapt to different tastes for the food products we represent in overseas markets. In some cases, Viceroy is able to arrange product adaptations with suppliers to ensure that the taste expectations in its export markets are met.

Our clients find value in this service for a number of key reasons:

  • We negotiate the most competitive pricing with our supply partners
  • By taking hold of inventory, holding costs are reduced for our suppliers
  • Distribution customers in Latin America and the Caribbean have the advantage of sourcing from us directly in Miami, thereby reducing handling costs
  • By dealing with Viceroy, buyers gain access to multiple product offerings, as evidenced by the range of suppliers and products we represent